1 Jan 2016

House Of Marley positive vibration headphones.

Hello again,

I'm back after a lovely Christmas and new year, even though i took a break from the blog i have been working none stop over the Christmas and new year period as the place i work was only closed on Christmas day Blugh!

I thought raving highly about these headphones would be the perfect first post after Christmas as they were an absolute lifesaver these past few weeks. So I've been searching for a good month or two for the perfect set of headphones as I've always gone for in earphones and end up getting earache after 10 minutes because i have the tiniest ears ever! I came across the brand House Of Marley in hmv one day while i was out shopping with my boyfriend the first thing that attracted me was the packaging so fresh and crisp then the obvious Marley logo because who isn't a fan of the Jamaican reggae sensation Bob Marley. My boyfriend then informed me the in earphones i use of his constantly are House Of Marley so then i was won over before even having them on my head!

I decided on the positive vibration headphones in copper which I'm obsessed with anything copper/rose gold so i was super happy when i found these stuffed behind the purple version i was going to purchase. They retail at £49.99 but just before Christmas hvm had a sale on and i purchased these headphones for £24.99!! Absolute bargain after the amazing sound that comes out of these headphones! I would definitely purchase these at full price good quality product for a low price!

About House of Marley:
House of Marley is built on the principles of superior quality, earth-friendliness and a commitment to global charitable causes. click the link for an in-depth explanation of the company. http://www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk/principles/

Product details:
There very handy for travel as the earphones just easily click back into the headband, also the tangle free fabric covered 52" cord which also reduces noise. Marley uses earth friendly materials such as recyclable aluminium in an effort to keep materials out of the waste stream and also use recycled paper/plastic on there packaging.

As you can see from the photos the positive vibration headphones have large but comfortable soft ear cushions. I struggle a lot with headphones as i have a tiny head but these headphones are all about comfort they have 50mm drivers which provide comfort but also powerful sound and a padded headband. These headphones are literally the comfiest pair i have ever used.

The sound quality of these headphones are amazing specially songs with a lot of base! Every time i wear these headphones i feel like I'm at a rave which is a good thing as i hate a crap pair of headphones were you can hear every bit of outside noise, these headphones cancel out everything around you.

Overall Thought:
I would highly recommend the positive vibration headphones to anyone wanting to purchase a set there so worth the small price tag however if you not a fan of the overhead headphones the house of Marley in earphones are just as amazing if your always on the go and they get stuffed in your coat pocket. Since day one I've been brought up on reggae music from dancing (skanking) in the living room with my Dad to now having the odd jam in the shower to either Damian Marley or abit of The Wailers, so I'm glad i invested my money in these headphones not just a pair of headphones theres a big background behind them.

Thanks for reading,
BeccasBoxx. xo

Do you own a pair of House Of Marley headphones?


  1. These are the most beautiful headphones I've ever seen! Great post :)

    -Jodie Louise xo

  2. These are the most beautiful headphones I've ever seen! Great post :)

    -Jodie Louise xo