18 Apr 2016

Where have i been? Pregnancy announcement.

Hello again,
Yes where have i been! Well i found out some very exciting and just as scary news! Me and my partner are going to be parents, I'm pregnant! we are over the moon but more to the point why haven't i posted earlier or at all till now? First trimester when they tell you its the worst of the three they really wasn't lying i literally felt nauseous, tired and just full on run down for just over a month so picking my laptop up was the last on my thoughts, getting up for work was a chore  i just wanted to stay in bed all day everyday! I'm now 17 weeks, 18 weeks tomorrow however on Saturday we had an early scan to see if we could found out the sex of our baby as we both just couldn't wait till 20 weeks! clear as day its a BOY!!! we are so happy and glad the baby is still healthy and growing well!

So that is why i haven't posted since January because there was a lot to do and think about but I'm now feeling myself and going on holiday soon so i thought today would be the perfect time to get blogging again! i haven't just been lazy i have planned a lot of up coming posts yes some are pregnancy related but i do have beauty/skincare post related posts because i don't want to bore you with baby talk. Also I'm going to Spain in may so hopefully ill do some kind of blog about my holiday events as it will be a completely different holiday to my normal girly break as ill have bump on board pretty nerve racking... am i going to rock the bump and bikini look or am i going to hide away in my clothes everyday! I am hoping to have a nice relaxing time before baby comes.

Thanks for reading.
BeccasBoxx. xo

11 Jan 2016

EcoTools beautiful complexion brush set.

Hello again,
today I'm going to be reviewing the EcoTools four piece beautiful complexion limited edition brush set which comes with a gift box, ribbon and gift tag that you can make if giving as a present. All brushes are dermatologist tested and are made with soft, cruelty free bristles with recycled aluminium ferrules and sleek bamboo handles. All four brushes together help to reduce shine, evens out skin tone also reduces undereye circles and targets imperfections. My favourite thing about these brushes are the bamboo handles you can get a firm grip while applying your product and there so comfy to use and normally my hand would start to ache after blending my foundation also the bristles are so soft on all four brushes!

I'll start with the mattifying finish brush which is the largest out of the four brushes. This duo-fiber brush creates a flawless finish with either pressed or loose powder. The short bristles pick up the perfect amount of product while the long bristles distribute it smoothly to keep oil and shine at bay all day. The skin perfecting brush is the next biggest brush head which is specifically designed to smoothly and evenly apply BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizer, i do myself use this brush for my foundation which works just as well also This brush has a rounded edge brush for precise coverage around the eyes and nose. Next in size order is the eye perfecting brush this brush features a uniquely cut rounded tip head that mimics the shape of your finger around the eyes to reduce tugging or transferring oils. This brush is designed with straight, firm and dense bristles for optimal blending and coverage, out of all four brushes this one is the least used brush i think mainly because i find it easier to use my fingers under my eyes. the smallest brush in this set is the correcting concealer brush which is a duo-fiber blend of bristles which pick up and distribute concealer for full coverage of dark circles, redness or other imperfections. This brush is amazing to help cover spots and dark pigmentations.

Overall use,
i have used all four brushes for a good month and i find myself picking up the mattifying finish brush and the skin perfecting brush the most but i do like all four of the brushes this set is a really good piece to add to your collection! Even better all four brushes together as a set only retail at £19.99 from boots!

Thanks for reading.
BeccasBoxx. xo

Do you own any EcoTools?

6 Jan 2016

Goals for 2016!

Hello again,

yes i realise it is the 6th of January already! Cant believe how quick Christmas and the new year went however i did work full time over the festive period and only had Christmas day and boxing day off as i do have a full time job outside of blogging. My aim is to take more time out of my days for my blog because i have followed blogs and really took a shine to this type of hobby which id love to get somewhere with because its something i really enjoy when i have the time outside of work, as we all know blogging is very time consuming.

Starting 2016.
I know a lot of people who start the new year with high expectations and set there new year revolutions like the good old stopping smoking or the cut down on chocolate or to even start the gym which they set themselves every year and lasts a week two at a push, i can justify there actions because i also don't have the will power that is why i don't set goals i wont achieve! i have a few goals id like to achieve this year starting with my blog i only started this blog in December after a lot of thought because i know its hard work and what if you try your hardest and no one even reads your posts, but i suppose your have to start from somewhere to get to the places you'd like to reach. i don't
have much time to write post as its either a hour before i start work or nine at night when I'm home from work which takes up most of my time because i can be up till midnight however i do take time out to write notes thats either one my breaks at work or while I'm having a hour chill watching YouTube or reading a blog, ideas always pop into your head at the most random time! I find when I'm unwinding before i sleep that's the time i have loads of ideas and words pop into my head if only i had a thought note taker!

YouTube is a big old world which i am totally obsessed with i spend hours on just watching videos from makeup and beauty to family life vlogs, i watch YouTubers like in the frow with 412,000 subscribers to Zoe Sugg who has over 9 million subscribers and it totally amazes me that there so many people out there like me who sit and watch girls/boys make videos about the latest brands and beauty favourites. I also love watching the SaconneJolys and the Shaytards and they make vlogs of there family life, my friends and family don't really understand how big the YouTube sensations are that i watch and think I'm just sat watching a girl put her lipstick on and tell me how amazing it is which yes i am but at the same time weirdly its like i know the person on the screen like a friend, its amazing how much guidance and advice you can get from YouTube. More to the point this year i would totally love to start a YouTube channel but its so much easier said that done, there a lot you need to know and so much more to just uploading a video to the internet and with me not knowing anyone close to me who does YouTube i don't have that on hand help and guidance i need. There's also the thought of the people that would watch as recently I've seen a lot of negative comments going around YouTube specially around the Christmas time to do with uploading of videos i don't think people understand some youtubers also have fulltime jobs and others do have family and a life too outside of YouTube and are aloud to take a break just like you would take a holiday from your fulltime job too. There a lot of pressure on youtubers which i wouldn't be afraid to take on myself but I'm hoping to start my own channel at some point this year when i have a lot more knowledge on how to make the perfect video.

Makeup & Skincare.
One of my goals this year that i would also like to achieve is to be more adventurous with my makeup, try new brands, stop sticking to the same old foundation that I've used for years. I would also like to make my collection bigger than it is with a lot more high-end products, I've always stuck to the drugstore until one day i broke the chain and went into Debenhams and saw all the lovely packaging i just had to try something and ever since I've been slowly building up more higher end makeup and its so worth it, my friends think I'm crazy spending over £30 on a foundation but then also comment that my skin looks flawless well there you go pay that little extra and look flawless! I also want to work more with eyeshadow I'm not sure why but i struggle so much with eyeshadow i swear its my eye shape or something, i just cant seem to get the hang of it i watch videos on YouTube and there's some amazing creations people make and i just feel my attempt looks like i have myself a black eye! On too skincare, i have a skincare routine in place which again is easily put together but when you have worked a 12 hour shift and your laid in bed with your skincare on the side table and your wipes in the draw below which one would you go to for the quick fix before you sleep? We all have them lazy nights were a facial wipe is so much quicker and i know its so bad for your skin but its s easy done but I'm so quick to moan when i face feels like crap and i wonder why? ha, however when i do take the time to use my skincare routines (morning&night) here's what i use in the photos below.

So there you are that's some of my goals id like to achieve in 2016, blog more, build my makeup collection up, use my skincare routine daily! and start YouTube?
I also have the good old drink more water and make time for breakfast goals but who am i kidding that will never change! will power ZERO!

thank you for reading!
BeccasBoxx xo

What are your goals for 2016?
Do you struggle sticking to your skincare routine?

1 Jan 2016

House Of Marley positive vibration headphones.

Hello again,

I'm back after a lovely Christmas and new year, even though i took a break from the blog i have been working none stop over the Christmas and new year period as the place i work was only closed on Christmas day Blugh!

I thought raving highly about these headphones would be the perfect first post after Christmas as they were an absolute lifesaver these past few weeks. So I've been searching for a good month or two for the perfect set of headphones as I've always gone for in earphones and end up getting earache after 10 minutes because i have the tiniest ears ever! I came across the brand House Of Marley in hmv one day while i was out shopping with my boyfriend the first thing that attracted me was the packaging so fresh and crisp then the obvious Marley logo because who isn't a fan of the Jamaican reggae sensation Bob Marley. My boyfriend then informed me the in earphones i use of his constantly are House Of Marley so then i was won over before even having them on my head!

I decided on the positive vibration headphones in copper which I'm obsessed with anything copper/rose gold so i was super happy when i found these stuffed behind the purple version i was going to purchase. They retail at £49.99 but just before Christmas hvm had a sale on and i purchased these headphones for £24.99!! Absolute bargain after the amazing sound that comes out of these headphones! I would definitely purchase these at full price good quality product for a low price!

About House of Marley:
House of Marley is built on the principles of superior quality, earth-friendliness and a commitment to global charitable causes. click the link for an in-depth explanation of the company. http://www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk/principles/

Product details:
There very handy for travel as the earphones just easily click back into the headband, also the tangle free fabric covered 52" cord which also reduces noise. Marley uses earth friendly materials such as recyclable aluminium in an effort to keep materials out of the waste stream and also use recycled paper/plastic on there packaging.

As you can see from the photos the positive vibration headphones have large but comfortable soft ear cushions. I struggle a lot with headphones as i have a tiny head but these headphones are all about comfort they have 50mm drivers which provide comfort but also powerful sound and a padded headband. These headphones are literally the comfiest pair i have ever used.

The sound quality of these headphones are amazing specially songs with a lot of base! Every time i wear these headphones i feel like I'm at a rave which is a good thing as i hate a crap pair of headphones were you can hear every bit of outside noise, these headphones cancel out everything around you.

Overall Thought:
I would highly recommend the positive vibration headphones to anyone wanting to purchase a set there so worth the small price tag however if you not a fan of the overhead headphones the house of Marley in earphones are just as amazing if your always on the go and they get stuffed in your coat pocket. Since day one I've been brought up on reggae music from dancing (skanking) in the living room with my Dad to now having the odd jam in the shower to either Damian Marley or abit of The Wailers, so I'm glad i invested my money in these headphones not just a pair of headphones theres a big background behind them.

Thanks for reading,
BeccasBoxx. xo

Do you own a pair of House Of Marley headphones?