9 Dec 2015

Winter warmer!

Mint Flavoured hot chocolate drink for those chocolatey moments we all love!

Hey guys welcome to my blog, I've been wanting to write a post for a very long time now.
Finally I'm giving it a go and starting off with my fave drink at this time of year! Although winter is my favourite season I cant bare the cold weather. Any excuse to make one of these amazing hot chocolates. Its nothing special I simply bought options mint madness hot chocolate, squirty cream, marshmallows and toppings all from Sainsbury's.

Is hot chocolate photogenic?

I stumble across hot beverage photos daily on Instagram and think how amazing the photo looks and makes me want to try recreate the photo myself little did I know it was so hard to take a photo of a damn hot chocolate. I'm sure it doesn't help that I recently got a new camera so I'm still adjusting to how it works however I'm pretty proud of the snaps I took for my first post. Me and my best friend played around with these hot chocolates for atleast a hour and rearranged her living room to get the perfect shot.

Here are my final five photos I took that I played around with changing brightness and shadows. I hope you enjoyed my first post and I would really appreciate any tips and tricks regarding photography and blogging just comment below!

Thanks for reading!
BeccasBoxx. xo

What is your favourite winter warmer?
Do you prefer winter over the other seasons?

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