20 Dec 2015

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Hello again,
Just a quick post here as I've just signed up to bloglovin. I'm not 100% how it works but I'm trying to personalise my account and link up my blog to bloglovin says I have to post a html code on a new post so this is a test post to see if I've worked it out! As I'm currently on my phone and have no content to post as it's all on my laptop.

Beccasboxx. Xo

19 Dec 2015

Small Lush haul.

Hello again,
I'm back with a small Lush haul and review. I absolutely love Lush but on the other hand my friends, boyfriend and mother are not too keen on the smell so i quickly pop in while they stand a mile away from the store ha! The worst thing is we don't have a Lush store here so when we go outside of Huddersfield to shop its like a tease because most places have a Lush store now and i would spend hours in the shop if we had one in Huddersfield where i could go shop alone.

Seen as its December and so close to Christmas ill kick start with the dashing Santa. one word amazing! This bath bomb leaves your bath water a lovely coral red with gold shimmers looks very festive, the smell once the bath bomb hit the water was gorgeous a warm fruity orange smell. Dashing Santa also doesn't do much dashing around your bath however that didn't bother me as i love a slow fizzing bath bomb gives you time to get into the bath and enjoy the fizz and relax. Honestly i wasn't to fussed to pick this bath bomb up mainly because of the glitter, I'm not the biggest fan of the stuff neither is my mother, I'm not sure why people would love a nice glittery bath once the water has gone down the plug. Lush explains this bath bomb as "ho ho ho to go, Santa's dashing around delivering cheery mandarin oil and lustrous snowflake-shimmering waters." This bath bomb retails at £2.95.

Dashing Santa in the bath.

My second favourite purchase was the salt and peppermint bark which is a shower scrub. As soon as i smelt this scrub in the store it went straight in my basket, i adore the smell of peppermint then i realised it had sea salt in the scrub too which ticked more boxes as i used to get a soap which had sea salt and seaweed in think it was called sea vegetable not 100% though. this scrub leaves your skin feeling so soft and my body smelling like a giant candy cane! Or a 4ft 11" candy cane ha! Lush explains this shower scrub as "an American beauty of peppermint oil and sea salt for star-spangled scrubbing." This scrub retails at £5.95.

Next I'm going to go onto the butterbear bath bomb because he goes very well with the salt and peppermint bark scrub. This bath bomb is the same as the butterball bath bomb that they store all year round but they reshape it for Christmas. Vanilla scented with Ylang Ylang oil which leaves your skin smelling and feeling amazing! Lush explains this bath bomb as "pamper and soften skin in vanilla-scented bear hugs with Fairtrade cocoa butter." This bath bomb retails at £1.95.

Last of the Christmas bath products i bought was Cinders this was my favourite bath bomb last year for Christmas. The main like of this bath bomb is the popping candy pops away while the bomb fizzes but i also love the smell a warm cinnamon/citrus smell floats around your bathroom. Lush explains this bath bomb as "you shall go to the ball for crackling firesides scented like hot fruit punch. This bath bomb retails at £2.65.

Last product that I'm going to talk about is Dragons egg, i haven't used this one yet but when i was in lush i was sure i used to get this bath bomb all the time i remember the popping candy and the different colours that fizzed out while confetti floats in the water but when I've come to read up on the dragons egg it seems it has a lots of gold shimmer in and then i clicked why i stopped buying the bath bomb because it kept staining my bath and the gold shimmer wouldn't budge for days! Which is a big disappointment because the smell of this is stunning so sweet and sherbety. i was debating weather to get this or father Christmas as well never mind! Lush explains this bath bomb as "no dragons were harmed for this popping candy egg with mood-brightening lemon and bergamot." This bath bomb retails at £3.50.

I'm defiantly going to have to get a shop in before Christmas is over because i want to stock up on the salt and peppermint bark also i want to try so white and father Christmas. Last year lush had a bubble bar which was shaped as a penguin which they didn't bring back this year which i was looking forward to also!

thanks for reading,
BeccasBoxx xo

What's your favourite Christmas bath bomb?
Do you enjoy glitter bath products?

12 Dec 2015

Benefit party poppers, 12 days of Christmas!

Hello again,

Think its now time to talk about the Benefit 12 days of Christmas advent calendar as today is the 12th of December! i know right basically half way to Christmas day already! Anyway back to the advent calendar this year benefit have decided on 12 days rather than the bog-standard 24/25 days and as Benefit say 12 days of gorgeous! The packaging itself this year is another bonus as its very compact unlike a lot of beauty calendars. The party poppers calendar retailed at £34.50 but i was lucky enough to catch it at Debenhams for £31.00 however if you was to buy these products separately the grand total would be around £79.17! This year Benefit decided on the box playing 12 days to Christmas song when you open the calendar only to my surprise at 4am in the morning the calendar decided it was acceptable  to start playing by itself, ill be honest i had to rip the singing parts out because it did start to get annoying when it just kept going off by itself.


The products

So i now own some of Benefits cult classic products, below is a list of the 12 products in the order i opened the windows.

  • ooh la lift under eye brightener
  • total moisture facial cream
  • high beam complexion enhancer
  • sugarbomb ultra plush lip gloss
  • they're real! lengthening mascara
  • lollitint poppy pink lip & cheek stain
  • the POREfessional PRO balm 
  • watt’s up! soft-focus highlighter
  • BADgal lash volumizing mascara
  • hoola ultra plush lip gloss
  • they’re real! remover
  • rockateur famously proactive face powder

As soon as i opened door 8 i couldn't get over how cute the watts up! Packaging was just so tiny and cute! My all time favourite moisturiser is the total moisture facial cream so i was happy that this product was in the calendar as i think benefit skincare isn't raved about enough! Literally the first night of sleeping with this cream on my face felt amazing in the morning! (my skin type is very dry) The only 3 products in this calendar that i haven't tried is the hoola & sugarbomb ultra plush lip glosses and the ooh la lift under eye brightener so I'm excited to see if these products live up to the other amazing products Benefit sell! I know its too late now to get your hands on one of these calendars but benefit have a wide range of Christmas gift sets available which I'm hoping i may open on Christmas day!

Thanks for reading,
BeccasBoxx. xo

what's your favourite Benefit product?
Did you buy the advent calendar?

9 Dec 2015

Winter warmer!

Mint Flavoured hot chocolate drink for those chocolatey moments we all love!

Hey guys welcome to my blog, I've been wanting to write a post for a very long time now.
Finally I'm giving it a go and starting off with my fave drink at this time of year! Although winter is my favourite season I cant bare the cold weather. Any excuse to make one of these amazing hot chocolates. Its nothing special I simply bought options mint madness hot chocolate, squirty cream, marshmallows and toppings all from Sainsbury's.

Is hot chocolate photogenic?

I stumble across hot beverage photos daily on Instagram and think how amazing the photo looks and makes me want to try recreate the photo myself little did I know it was so hard to take a photo of a damn hot chocolate. I'm sure it doesn't help that I recently got a new camera so I'm still adjusting to how it works however I'm pretty proud of the snaps I took for my first post. Me and my best friend played around with these hot chocolates for atleast a hour and rearranged her living room to get the perfect shot.

Here are my final five photos I took that I played around with changing brightness and shadows. I hope you enjoyed my first post and I would really appreciate any tips and tricks regarding photography and blogging just comment below!

Thanks for reading!
BeccasBoxx. xo

What is your favourite winter warmer?
Do you prefer winter over the other seasons?