18 Apr 2016

Where have i been? Pregnancy announcement.

Hello again,
Yes where have i been! Well i found out some very exciting and just as scary news! Me and my partner are going to be parents, I'm pregnant! we are over the moon but more to the point why haven't i posted earlier or at all till now? First trimester when they tell you its the worst of the three they really wasn't lying i literally felt nauseous, tired and just full on run down for just over a month so picking my laptop up was the last on my thoughts, getting up for work was a chore  i just wanted to stay in bed all day everyday! I'm now 17 weeks, 18 weeks tomorrow however on Saturday we had an early scan to see if we could found out the sex of our baby as we both just couldn't wait till 20 weeks! clear as day its a BOY!!! we are so happy and glad the baby is still healthy and growing well!

So that is why i haven't posted since January because there was a lot to do and think about but I'm now feeling myself and going on holiday soon so i thought today would be the perfect time to get blogging again! i haven't just been lazy i have planned a lot of up coming posts yes some are pregnancy related but i do have beauty/skincare post related posts because i don't want to bore you with baby talk. Also I'm going to Spain in may so hopefully ill do some kind of blog about my holiday events as it will be a completely different holiday to my normal girly break as ill have bump on board pretty nerve racking... am i going to rock the bump and bikini look or am i going to hide away in my clothes everyday! I am hoping to have a nice relaxing time before baby comes.

Thanks for reading.
BeccasBoxx. xo